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Farmer Sam Dog Dangerous 1.0: 19 free levels!
Farmer Sam Dog Dangerous 1.0: 19 free levels for Farmer Sam's Dog Day! Ho Ho Ho (Woof)! Here is my Xmas gift to the mates who purchased Farmer Sam's Dog Day...
1 file
Farmer Sam’s Dog Day Halloween Sale 2021
For the next few days, you can grab your digital copy of Farmer Sam’s Dog Day for 40% off ! The sale lasts until Tuesday, November 2, so hurry up!...
1 file — 1.3.0
Farmer Sam’s Dog Day 1.3
First of all, a huge big thanks to all Farmer Sam’s Dog Day supporters out there! I just published a new maintenance/bug-fix release, that will pave the way f...
1 file — 1.3.0
Farmer Sam Dog Dangerous
While testing Level Painter (the web based level editor for Farmer Sam's Dog Day , my 2D platformer for the ZX Spectrum Next computer), I had some fun making so...
Farmer Sam's Dog Day 1.2
A small bug fix release, to celebrate - with a little delay - the International Dog Day 2020! Enhancements: Video Line Interrupt set to line 192 Bug-fixes: Joys...
2 files — 1.2.0
Farmer Sam's Dog Day 1.1 update with new cool features!
The first big juicy update for Farmer Sam's Dog Day has just been released: the new version (1.1) contains some enhancements and two completely new features ! F...
2 files — 1.1.0

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