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Project: RE.VE.LA.TION awarded at the ZX Online Awards 2022
Voting for the ZX Online Awards 2022 closed some days ago. Since all ZX Spectrum games released in 2021 were eligible to participate, I submitted my creations...
Project: RE.VE.LA.TION review by Planeta Sinclair
Project: RE.VE.LA.TION was nicely reviewd by Planeta Sinclair and scored a 7/10 rating: "For a game with these characteristics to work, rather than having a fan...
Project: RE.VE.LA.TION released!
Project: RE.VE.LA.TION is a Lunar Lander game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. I originally coded it for the Lunar Challenge, organized by the RetroProgra...
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