YAS (Yet Another Snake)

YAS is yet another Snake/Nibbles-like game for CHIP-8.

I coded YAS in 2015 and originally released it as part of my CHIP-OTTO virtual machine bundle. The game is available for download and can be played in your web browser (powered by Octo). If it doesn't work in your browser, you can try with WEB-OTTO, the HTML5 port of CHIP-OTTO.


4 mazes are available and the game can run at 4 different speeds, for a total of 16 game modes. The player can select the desired game mode by pressing one of the 16 CHIP-8 keys when the title screen is displayed. After the game is over, the player can choose to play again the same maze at the same speed, or to go to title screen and choose a different maze and speed. In this case, the hi-score is reset.


Title screen

  • 0: Start maze 0, fastest speed
  • 1: Start maze 0, fast speed
  • 2: Start maze 0, slow speed
  • 3: Start maze 0, slowest speed
  • 4: Start maze 1, fastest speed
  • 5: Start maze 1, fast speed
  • 6: Start maze 1, slow speed
  • 7: Start maze 1, slowest speed
  • 8: Start maze 2, fastest speed
  • 9: Start maze 2, fast speed
  • A: Start maze 2, slow speed
  • B: Start maze 2, slowest speed
  • C: Start maze 3, fastest speed
  • D: Start maze 3, fast speed
  • E: Start maze 3, slow speed
  • F: Start maze 3, slowest speed


  • 2: Up
  • 8: Down
  • 4: Left
  • 6: Right

Game over

  • 0: Restart from title screen
  • any other: Restart game with current settings

Keyboard layout

The CHIP-8 keyboard is laid out as follows:


The CHIP-8 keys are mapped to the following computer keys:


Moreover, for better ease of use, the CHIP-8 keys for changing the snake direction are also mapped to the cursor keys and the CHIP-8 0 key to Enter.

The Author takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused by the use of this program.


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