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CHIP-OTTO is a CHIP-8 interpreter/virtual machine for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, ZX Spectrum Next and Cambridge Z88 microcomputers and web browsers.

CHIP-8 is an interpreted programming language, developed in the mid 1970s by
Joseph Weisbecker and initially used on home computers based on RCA's CDP1802
processor, such as the COSMAC VIP. It's a small, high level pseudomachine
language, designed for writing simple video games.
In 1990, Andreas Gustafsson released CHIP-48, a CHIP-8 interpreter for the HP48SX calculator; later, Erik Bryntse released SUPER-CHIP, a modified version
of CHIP-48, which added features and instructions to the original interpreter,
such as higher resolution graphics and sprites (version 1.0) and scrolling (version 1.1).


chip-otto-zxspectrumnext.zip 47 kB
Version 0.4 May 19, 2021
Chip-8 Pack.zip 320 kB
chip-otto-zxspectrum.zip 35 kB
Version 0.1 Jul 04, 2020

Install instructions

ZX Spectrum Next:

Download the chip-otto-zxspectrumnext.zip archive and extract its contents to a directory of choice in your ZX Spectrum Next SD card. The archive contains a couple of CHIP-8 demos and a game.
To add more CHIP-8 games and programs, download the Chip-8 Pack.zip archive (provided by Revival Studios) and extract its contents into the "Chip-8 Pack" subdirectory of the directory in which you extracted the chip-otto-zxspectrumnext.zip archive, making sure that the folder structure is preserved.
Then, put the SD card in your Spectrum Next, boot it and use the browser to locate and start the CHIPOTTO.NEX file.

ZX Spectrum Next Quick Start:

Use the browser to start the CHIPOTTO.NEX program. You will see a splash screen and after some seconds the CHIP-OTTO virtual machine. Tap the "J" key, browse to "Chip-8 Pack\Chip-8 Games" and select the "YAS [Marco Varesio, 2015].ch8" file. More games and programs are available in the Chip-8 Pack.zip archive.

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