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Connect4 (ZX Spectrum)

Connect4 (a.k.a. Gravitrips, Forza 4) for the ZX Spectrum · By marco's retrobits


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Connect4 review by Planeta Sinclair
Connect4 got the sufficiency (6/10) in Planeta Sinclair's review . Game difficulty is the weak point, in fact the computer often makes silly mistakes and can be...
Connect4 made the news!
Connect4, my four-in-a-row game, has been mentioned in the issue 3/88 of the Italian edition of Zzap! Retrogaming magazine as the winner of the Forza 4 Challeng...
Connect4 ranked 1st in the FORZA4 Challenge!
And the winner is... I’m very happy to announce that Connect4 , my implementation of the Connect Four game (a.k.a. Forza Quattro, Gravitrips, Four in a Row)...
Connect4 (ZX Spectrum) now available for download!
The ZX Spectrum version of Connect4 is now available for download! The archive includes: The game in .tap format The C source code A document explaining the pro...
1 file — 1.0.0
Connect4 (ZX Spectrum, web browser version) released
Connect4 is a simple implementation of the well-known Connect Four (a.k.a. Four in a Row, Forza Quattro, Gravitrips) board game, coded in C language and built w...
1 file
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This is really cool. The standard C version, could be compiled for the Cambridge Computers Z88, using Z88DK. Do you have...
started by J Bizzel Oct 28, 2022
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