baSnake NXT turbo mode for ZX Spectrum Next

With the forthcoming release of the ZX Spectrum Next (as far as I know, development boards have already been delivered to lucky official developers, other boards will be shipped in November and complete systems will be delivered in January 2018), I decided to make baSnake (a Snake/Nibbles-like game I quickly developed in BASIC language for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Game Jam) more enjoyable by taking advantage of the Next turbo modes. In the resulting modified version, I added the possibility to cycle through the supported CPU speeds:
  • 3.5 MHz (original Z80 clock frequency on the Spectrum),
  • 7 MHz (which I chose as default speed),
  • 14 MHz (really fast!),
  • 28 MHz (it seems my PC isn't poweful enough for handling this speed with emulator...),

by pressing the S key. Please note that on the original (real or emulated) Spectrum, turbo mode selection will have no effect.

Besides this change, in order to make the game ever less frustrating, I slightly extended the life of apples before they start rotting away, as kindly suggested by people who took a look to the game.

Not being an official Next developer, I could not yet try the game on the actual comnputer; by the way, I successfully tested it using ZEsarUX emulator.

Enjoy! :)


baSnakeNXT.tap - baSnake turbo for Spectrum Next
Oct 26, 2017

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