Squid Race!

Squid Race is my entry to the 2019 game competition hosted by the Basic on the ZX Spectrum group. It is inspired by the well known Track&Field sports arcade  videogame, released by Konami in 1983.

Squid Race is a competitive swimming game in which two squids (the white one, controlled by you and the yellow one, controlled by the computer) are racing. You control your squid by alternately tapping the z and x keys; how fast you swim depends on whether you press these keys at the correct time... But which is the correct time? You'll have to figure out!

There are 3 levels of difficulty; you can select the desired one by pressing 1 (easy), 2 (normal) or 3 (hard) key while in the title screen.

Emulation powered by JSSpeccy.
Sinclair and ZX Spectrum are © Amstrad / Sky In-Home Service Ltd.


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